BALR. kledingBALR. kleding
BALR. kleding
It's not only about winning
It's about winning in style

BALR. is a Dutch brand founded in 2013 by professional football players Demy de Zeeuw, Eljero Elia, Gregory van der Wiel and internet entrepreneurs Ralph de Geus and Juul Manders. De Zeeuw came up with the concept during one of his long car trips when he played for FC Spartak Moscow in Russia. The brand is known for designs with the colours black and white. BALR. aims to make the life of a professional football player accessible to a wider audience.

man met BALR. T-shirtman met BALR. T-shirt
mannen in pak
BALR. horloge en rugzak
BALR. petje
If you don't play to win
don't play at all